Sound CMD:
Free Online Sound Editor and Frequency Analyzer

SoundCMD is an easy-to-use free online audio editor for Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and many more.

Use it online on Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android.

With Sound CMD you can analyze and modify multi-track audio files on spectrum level

Discover hidden sounds in the audio mixture

Sound CMD Main App Screen

Sound Editor and Frequency Analyzer

  • Use Waveform View to edit audio tracks
  • Use Spectrum View for sound isolation
  • Audio effects and filters: Fade In, Fade Out, Reverse, etc.
  • Music mixing and playback
Online Audio Editor - Main Screen
Sound CMD Free Multi-platform Audio Tool

Free and Multi-platform

  • Sound CMD is free to use without requiring registration
  • Multi-platform without Download and Installs
  • Use directly on your favorite web browser

Online Tone Generator for Free

With the free online sound generator it is easy to create tones with different parameters:

  • Choose the shape – Sin-wave or Square waveform
  • Select the tone frequency
  • Shift by different phase
  • Select the signal strength
Online Tone Generator Free - CMD Sound

Features and Capabilites

The SoundCMD App comes with many nice features and capabilities such as:

Detailed documentation

Visit our Hep page to learn details on how to edit audio via Sound CMD.