Sound CMD Version History Screenshot

SoundCMD Version History

Here you can find the version history of SoundCMD online audio editor.

The list below describes the constant changes and updates.

Software Releases

VersionRelease DateKey changes and notes
Ver. 1.4May 2022Processing of multiple audio files is via “Track Tabs“. Sound Generator forms updates.
Ver. 1.3May 2022Frequency sound generator. Generate pure tones by frequency, amplitude, phase and duration
Ver. 1.2March 2022Multi-track support improvements: Copy, Cut, Paste, Mix/Blend.
Introduction of Volume control 
Ver. 1.1Feb 2022Improvements in Waveform panel and Spectrum view
Ver. 1.0Jan 2022Initial version of Sound CMD online audio app.
Suppor of Waveform view and
Spectrogram playback.
Release notes

Support and Capability

The SoundCMD currently runs on the following web browsers and platforms:

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox