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Deep look into sound spectrum

How to look inside the audio spectrum

The online Sound CMD tool allows you to look deep into the audio spectrum. This great feature allows you to analyze and edit the audio frequency with high precision. The spectrogram Zoom In is an important part of the web audio editor Sound CMD. This is an evolving project and this feature makes it useful […]

Online Tone Generator Free - CMD Sound

Online Tone Generator: Create sound of any frequency

The online tone generator is a free feature of the SoundCMD audio software. It creates sound with specific shape, frequency, strength and phase. How to use the Tone Generator Popular frequency ranges The table below lists the frequency range Generally we can divide the frequency spectrum in following bands. Low Hz High Hz Name 16 […]

Mono To Stereo audio converter

Convert Mono to Stereo track

The online audio software Sound cmd has the ability to convert sound files from mono to stereo. This is a free software feature and here we will reveal how it works. How to merge two mono files into a single stereo Related Articles

Volume Control Sound CMD

Volume control Tips

The SoundCMD software has a dedicated Volume control widget. This allows you to control the sound level via the range slider or keyboard. Use low volume levels! It is recommended to adjust low volume levels to protect your hearing and equipment! The human ear perceives different sound frequencies with different strength. Generally the human auditory […]

Sound Isolation Thumb

How to isolate and play sound from Spectrogram

One of the most exciting features of SoundCMD app is the ability to isolate sound from Spectrogram for playback. Frequency analysis is a common task in audio processing and with the Sound CMD Spectrum view it is easy to do. Can we play a frequency range from an audio spectrogram? Yes, we can! With the […]

Sound Waveform View Thumbnail

Waveform View

Sound CMD Waveform View shows the overall sound shape and loudness. This view mode is best suited for editing audio in the time domain. Default View After importing an audio recording, the Sound CMD app will draw a graph showing the overall shape of the sound. By default, the wave shape view represents the sound […]

Sound Spectrum View Thumbnail

Spectrogram View

The Spectrogram view reveals the spectrum of frequencies of a sound entry. The spectrum graph of the Sound CMD app provides a rich set of functionalities. In Spectral view we can make frequency band selection for playback and editing. Generic Controls The main controls and buttons on this view are: N Control Description 1 Zoom […]

Sound CMD Help Page Screenshot

Supported Browsers and Platforms

The SoundCMD app supports many modern web-browsers and platforms. This online tool is easy to use directly online without accounts. Since the software is an online audio editor it does not require a download. No need to install plugins or third party software. The goal is to make this app browser and platform independent. However […]

Sound CMD keyboards shortcuts thumbnail

Keyboard Shortcuts and Commands 

SoundCMD comes with a set of convenient predefined keyboard shortcuts. The table below shows the complete list of keyboard combinations that one can use during audio editing. Keyboard Commands N Keyboard Description 1 Ctrl+O Open local sound file 2 Ctrl+S Save an audio file to disk 3 Ctrl+A Select all to mark the whole active […]

Sound CMD Help Page Screenshot

Getting Started To Audio Editing

The Sond CMD is a free software for audio editing, mixing and analysis. In this article we describe the main parts of SoundCMD online app. Overview The sound cmd UI (User Interface) consists of the following parts: N Description 1 Main app menu 2 Audio playback controls 3 Zoom option buttons 4 Clipboard controls 5 […]