Deep look into sound spectrum

How to look inside the audio spectrum

The online Sound CMD tool allows you to look deep into the audio spectrum. This great feature allows you to analyze and edit the audio frequency with high precision.

The spectrogram Zoom In is an important part of the web audio editor Sound CMD. This is an evolving project and this feature makes it useful for both professional musicians and regular users.

Steps to Zoom into Spectrum

Time needed: 1 minute

The following simple steps describe how to look into audio spectrum. This way you can easily listen to or edit isolated audio frequencies.

  1. Load an audio file

    Use the File > Open File or just Drag and Drop an audio file to import.Open Audio File Menu Screenshot

  2. Select a region from sound spectrogram

    Click on the audio waveform view to select a timeline position.Active track waveform selection

  3. Enable spectrum zooming

    Click on the “Zoom in” button (1) from the spectrogram toolbox panel.

  4. Use mouse / touch drag to mark a region from the spectrum view

    Hold the LMB (left mouse button) and drag to select an area of the spectrum. You can track the current bandwidth in the information field as on the image from the previous step.

  5. Revert spectrogram view

    To revert the audio spectrum in initial scale simply click on the “Reset View” button (button 2 from step 3).

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