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Online Tone Generator: Create sound of any frequency

The online tone generator is a free feature of the SoundCMD audio software. It creates sound with specific shape, frequency, strength and phase.

How to use the Tone Generator

The steps blow describe how create sound with specific frequency via the Tone generation feature.

  1. Start the Sound CMD app

    Launch the Sound CMD audio app. You can access it from any web page on our site just by clicking on the Software item in the main menu bar.

  2. Open the Tone Generator dialog box

    To open the Tone generator dialog box, simply click “Track” > “Generate Tone
    Online Tone Generator Dialog

  3. Select the desired signal type

    Select the sound shape from the “Signal type” drop-down box. Currently the supported signal types are: Sin and Square wave-forms.

  4. Select the appropriate signal strength

    Enter the signal strength in the “Amplitude” text field. Where zero means silence and one is maximum.

  5. Enter the sound frequency value

    Enter the value of the frequency to be used to generate the signal. The maximum value cannot be more than half the sampling rate (usually half of 48 KHz).
    Sin Waveform Sound Generation with 250Hz
    Sample sin wave with frequency 250Hz and amplitude 1

  6. Enter the phase shift of the signal

    The phase shift of the signal is in degrees in range 0 to 360
    Audio spectrum of sin wave 250Hz
    Sample spectrogram of pure sin wave with frequency 250Hz

  7. Decrease the volume settings

    Decrease your audio volume settings before playback.

  8. Create Stereo track

    Use Track > “Merge Stereo track” to combine two single channel (Mono) sounds into a single Stereo track.

Popular frequency ranges

The table below lists the frequency range

Generally we can divide the frequency spectrum in following bands.

Low HzHigh HzName
20,000> 20,000Ultrasound
Pitch notation of audible spectrum bands

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