Sound CMD Main App Screen

Release Note 1.4

The Sound CMD software version 1.4 (May 2022) has a significant modification in terms of the multi-track audio-visualization.

New Features

Processing several audio files simultaneously

The major modification in this version is that now the processing of multiple audio files is via “Track Tabs“. This means that we do not have a long single scroll-able view of all the files, but a panel with tabs for much more convenient switching and editing of files.

Multi-track View Example Image
Screenshot of Multi-track panel – Sound CMD


Online Tone Generator

There are several enhancements to the sound generator in this version:

  • Form input values validation
  • Automatic text selection when the input element receives focus
  • Generate song title

Bug fixes

  • Fixed keyboard events filtering
  • Various minor issues are now fixed

Older Releases

For previous release notes, please see the software change log.